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Our Farms

ROSNES                                           VIDARÅSEN LANDSBY                     SOLLI FARM

Most of the vegetables for Vestfold Kooperativ come from Rosnes farm in Sande. The farm went organic as early as 1987 and those many years of experience mean that, with such a wealth of expertise behind them, they are uniquely placed in the organic farming sector. The farm covers nearly 100 acres and grows a large variety of vegetables. Although the farm offers a diverse range of produce, Rosnes chooses to specialise in root vegetables. They not only care about the organic aspect of food production but are also very concerned with quality and taste. They liken themselves to wine producers and would rather risk a smaller harvest than have to compromise on taste.



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Brother and sister Dan and Silje Hjorteseth bought Solli farm in Stokke, Vestfold in 2004. It has been run as an organic and biodynamic farm for over 30 years. The organic meat and milk production are based on grazing in local pastures. The dairy cows (Jarlsberg breed) and the meat livestock (Aberdeen Angus breed), are both fed on corn fodder produced by the farm. The meat is used in the farm’s own sausage making business which also buys in organic beef cattle which they cut up and distribute on behalf of local producers. As well as meat and milk the farm has 15 wild sheep, 25 hens and a one acre kitchen garden with growing fruit for consumption on the farm and which is used educational purposes. Every year Solli farm is visited by almost 1500 school pupils from schools and Steiner school. The pupils are shown what happens on the farm and learn how to milk a cow.

Contact Dan Hjorteseth about direct sales from the farm on mob.  992 97 414               or by e- mail:

SKAARBU FARM                              HOLT FARM                                       TUFT GÅRD          

Skaarbu farm is run by owners Markus Koot and Elisabeth Crawford who bought it in the Spring of 2016. The farm has been run biodynamically by Gustaaf Koot and Danielle vander Ven since 1991. A herd of 10 grazing cows produce grass-fed milk, which is then processed on the farm. They plan to offer milk, cultured milk, yoghurt and cheese. As well as the milk production there is an organic hen house, constructed from locally sourced materials (such as straw and clay) which houses 250 hens. Some of the hens are brown, some are white and others are different breeds which means that each egg box contains eggs of varying colours and sizes.

Holt farm is a multi-faceted farm in Undrumsdal in Re, Vestfold. The farm operates an organic agricultural production with dairy cows (Jarlsberg cattle) as well as sheep, pigs, hens, horses and many other 2 and 4-legged farmyard friends. The farm has diversified into a wide range of activities and for the last 15 years has organized and facilitated many different kinds of farm visits for kindergartens, school field trips and after-school groups, among others. Community share farming was also fset up on Holt farm in 2012.

Holt farm supplies delicious dairy products to the Kooperativ. In their dairy produce bag, one may expect to find some greek-style yoghurt, drinking yoghurt and fresh cheeses. These are all processed and produced on the farm's premises.

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