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Produce bags

Produce bags

Hvordan bestille poser?
Last ned vipps på mobiltelefonen og gå inn på betal. Søk deretter opp Vestfold kooperativ og velg meny. Her betaler du medlemskontigent og poser, samt bestemme hvilken utleveringsplass du skal hente varen(e).

Om du er usikker, ikke nøl med å ta kontakt på epost: eller ring 93233055.

Unlike the big supermarkets, the Kooperativ does not profit from being the middle-man in the food supply chain. Everything goes directly to the farmer apart from a tiny deduction which pays for running the order registration webpage.

It’s up to you how often you order a bag, as long as you place your order at least 2 weeks in advance of collection. This gives the purchasing team time to coordinate with the farmer about its contents. What is in the bag depends on what the farmer has available for the number of orders placed. The bags can be collected every other Wednesday (uneven week numbers) between 4pm and 5.30 pm from the area you opted for when you registered. You are responsible for picking up the bag you ordered from the collection point during opening times. If you are unable to collect your order, try to get a friend to fetch it for you. Please note: The Kooperativ does not make refunds for uncollected bags. Bring the empty bag along and exchange it for the full one.

Vegetable bags: the vegetable bag costs 215 kroner, a full 200 kroners of which go to the farmer while 15 kroners is diverted to pay for the running costs of the ordering system. The contents of the vegetable bags are not divulged before collection as it is whatever seasonal vegetables the farmer has available near collection time that make up the bag. Though the contents will vary, the value will remain the same. For example, a bag may contain: a lettuce, 2 kilos of carrots, broccoli, a kilo of potatoes, a kilo of onions, a courgette, herbs, a kilo of parsnips, swede, fennel. By being on the purchasing team you can have a say about the contents.

Meat produce bag: the meat bag costs 525 kroner, a full 500 kroners of which go to the farmer while 25 kroners is diverted to pay for the running costs of the ordering system. You can find out what the contents are before placing the order. The Kooperativ cares about the environment so we do our best to use resources responsibly. Therefore, we make use of the entire slaughtered animal and the meat produce bags won’t contain the exact same cuts of meat each time. The weight and value of the contents will however be similar as far as is possible. An animal is made up of one third bone, one third cuts of meat and one third minced meat. The bags therefore reflect this ratio. Now and again you may find some meat spread or sausages in there too. The meat comes from 100% grass-fed cattle from Solli farm in Stokke. The types of cattle they have are Aberdeen Angus or Jarlsberg breed and an ancient cattle breed from Vestfold.

Dairy produce bags: the dairy produce bags cost 215 kroners, a full 200 kroners of which go to the farmer while 15 kroners are diverted to pay for the running costs of the ordering system. The contents of the dairy bags are not divulged before collection. The dairy produce is sourced from Holt farm and contains various combinations of yoghurt, natural or blueberry drinking yoghurt,  fresh cheese and cultured milk. All the yoghurt is pasteurised. Additionally Skaarbu farm provides a box of 10 eggs for each dairy bag.